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The benefits of paid VS. Free Stock Images

An excellent visual presentation is one of the best ways to make a first and lasting impression on your readers. Not only can it help you attract and gain their undivided attention, but it can also help you convey a clear message that you would have otherwise not been able to through writing.

While images provide the much-needed impression, most of them are governed by different licensing bodies. For such, using them requires that you make a payment, i.e. pay for the license to use them. On the other hand, some images are customarily offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to use them. The following article takes a detailed look at the two options and provides reasons as to why you should go for the paid option.

 Paid images

Paid images are those that are licensed, i.e. rights managed. For such pictorial model, usage is restricted, with limitations placed on things like duration of use, industry, geographical region among others as indicated in the license agreement.

 Free images

Free images are those that have no usage restrictions, i.e. those that you get nearly unlimited use. You can use free pictures in basically any application, for as long as you like provided you comply with the specific terms of the license agreement.

Five benefits of using paid imagesQuality

Paid images are generally of high quality as compared to free photos. Such models are typically developed with the sole purpose of being sold to interest parties, and thus, a lot of care is given when developing them to ensure they come out looking great.


Paid images are ordinarily available in different sizes and used for any project type. Paid pictorial models give you the option of using photos which fit your specific identity. For example, in iStock, a paid image website, you can be guaranteed of getting images which are of different sizes and have been tailor-made to meet different needs.


With paid images, you can easily download large files and crop them to meet your specific needs. Besides, this option will allow you to use the image anywhere since you will have full rights to not only make adjustments but also legally use it anywhere.

 Ease of use

With a subscription plan, paid images are available right at your doorstep. You can download any one of them at any time and use it without necessarily worrying about ownership right.

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