Five websites to find original free stock photos

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Five websites to find original free stock photos

We all, at least, have an idea about the famous stock photo sites. We also know that the rights to high-quality photos do not come cheaply, and if by chance you stumble upon a decent image, you will likely see it popping up everywhere in no time. Based on these challenges, we have put up a list of some of the best websites which offer free stock photos to visitors.


Unsplash is merely a collection of attractive ‘do whatever you want’ photos. The site allows users to download pictures, edit them and if need be, use them for commercial purposes. You can wallpaper your living room wall with the photos for all they care. With more than 200,000 photos to choose from and a lively family that keeps the site active, Unsplash is by far one of the best stock photos site today.


Daniel Nanescu, a leading photographer, owns and runs this gorgeous website. A man with not only a unique name but also an extensive collection of high-quality photographs; and all for free. The driving force behind Nanescus interested in developing SplitShire was the need to provide high-quality photos for free to those who desperately needed them but cannot afford the high price tag placed on licensed photos.


Daria, a visual and UX designer, came up with this site and used the platform to upload a collection of high-quality photos which can be downloaded by anyone and used in different projects. The images in Epicantus are pretty theoretical and are tailormade for great content backdrops. The free images are of high quality and free.


There comes a time in every content developer’s life when all they need is a simple picture of a cute puppy or simple a man holding a smartphone. For those unescapable moments, Picjumbo offers the much-needed answer. Unlike its website cousins, Picjumbo provides a little less artsy royalty free images which do not require any attribution.


Similar to its sister website IM Creator, IMFree contains high-quality free images which are broken down into different categories such as Drinks and Food, Health, Technology and Business. The site even offers free icon sets for those who prefer doing some design works on their own. Although the site does ask for attribution, it charges a minimal fee for top-notch photos and completely free eye-catching images.


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